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Sharepoint Timer Scheduler gives you a way of running your Timer Job from a list in the Root Web of your Sharepoint site. Excellent way of giving Site Administrators access to Timer Jobs so they can be run immediately or rescheduled. No need to code custom SPJobDefinition classes

Ever since I've been working with Sharepoint I have coded Sharepoint Timer Jobs to run those tasks you want scheduled every day (or even every hour). Sharepoint is certainly a platform that lends itself to scheduling of batch process, with all the publishing of data there are going to be times when you want to schedule code to run at regular intervals.

So what are our options.... Well currently your only real option is to code a Sharepoint Timer Job solution which inherits SPJobDefinition and then code a SPFeatureReceiver which installs a Timer Job and points it at your newly created SPJobDefinition code.

This is all well and good but the real fun and games start when you want to change when the Job runs or how often it runs... What if you change you mind several times? (Well it has been known to happen). This is where SPTimerJobs really fail to live up to expectation.

So I decided to code a easily installable solution where Jobs can be Scheduled from a Sharepoint List which sits in the RootWeb of the Sharepoint Site. Now we can change the Days and Hours the Job runs not to mention we can also start the job automatically. We can aslo Disable the job easily too.

Just download the zip file and follow the release notes to install the Feature into the site. Then you are ready to add your own code as Job Instances to the list.

For further info see my blog -

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